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The Vash Legacy

Opened: 8-30-00
Updated: 12-1-01

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December 1, 2001
Site On Hold

I'm sorry to say, but with college and server issues, I won't be updating this site for a while. This doesnt necessarily mean that I wont return to it, but for the time being Bigdaddy and I will be working on our new site for the best game ever made. It is experiencing a major face-lift right now, but I hope to have it ready fairly soon. As for the mp3s and music video, eventually we plan to have them back up, but I have no idea when that will be. Just check the downloads periodically if you really must have them.


September 13, 2001
Big Downloads Update

There, the mp3s and music video are now finally accessible, thanks to Bigdaddy for creating a server to use. Keep in mind he doesn't have the greatest upload speeds, so you'll have to be patient downloading the files. In any case, I kept my promise, so have fun!


September 9, 2001
Lots of Downloads Coming

Ok, after all this time, we will finally have all the mp3s and our first music video on the site! Look out for them, they should be ready any day now. In the meantime, check out my newest desktop.


July 30, 2001
Downloads Update

Put up the Knives desktop, and decided to put it and the new Legato one into a 4-desktop-series (I plan to make Vash and Wolfwood versions later). I call it "Series 2" least, until I come up with something


July 25, 2001
Downloads Update - Part 2

Got the new Legato desktop up now, and this concludes my 3D rendered desktops.....for now anyway. I do have some ideas for a Knives-only desktop, but I'm gonna take a break from that. Making desktops take lots of time and patience...


July 24, 2001
Downloads Update - Part 1

I'm feeling inspirational, so I will be working some new wallpaper to download. I have added in a second Vash/Knives desktop in the downloads section. Check out the 3D scene i designed :) I plan to attempt a 3D desktop for Legato, so be on the lookout.


July 22, 2001
Media Delayed (Again)

Ok, if I don't somehow manage to find a server for the site, then there is always the alternative of turning my own computer into a server. I will be going college on August 25, and I'll set up a server on my computer to store the 2 music videos and mp3s. We can see how well this works out and maybe I can even leave it running during the school year. So be sure to stop by then and see if the downloads are up. In the meantime i will occasionally work on the 2nd music video (almost done!) and other pages of the site.


July 7, 2001
Downloads Update

No, this doesn't mean that the mp3s or music video is up yet, but i was bored so i made a desktop for Vash and Knives. Check it out, it turned out pretty good. Nothing much else is happening, except that the second music video is under construction. Bigdaddy is off on a cruise for a while, so another friend might help me out on this one.


June 26, 2001
Added Series Info Section

Since I am adding several more sections relating to the Trigun series itself, i decided to just put them all in a combo section. Note that the menu on the right now has "Series Info" instead of "Biographies"
I also updated the Products section with some new guns :)


June 23, 2001
Media Coming Soon

We recently finished the first music video, based on the angel arm. It should be on the site along with possibly all of the mp3s no later than a month from now, but we will keep you guys posted on that.


June 18, 2001
Biography Update

Added in the rest of the Gung-Ho-Guns into the update. There still are plenty of random bad guys and good guys that I haven't gotten around to putting in, so this section is still far from finished. I have also been working on the places section, but don't know when that will be finished....


June 11, 2001
Coming Soon

I am working on adding a few more sections to the site, including a list of all the places, and a timeline. (I'm not too sure about the timeline though. There seems to be a 14 year gap somewhere) We also have plans for 3 trigun music videos. Still need server space though....
By the way, did anyone notice the new guestbook we set up on the left side of this page?


June 4, 2001
Last DVD Released

Actually, i saw the last dvd this previous wednesday, but haven't gotten around to updating the site. Anyway, I considered making episode summaries and lots of screen captures, but for now I just decided to make a mini-version for the fight between Vash and Knives. Click here to see it. Just a warning, if you don't want to see any SPOILERS, I highly suggest you not check that out yet. But it does have lots of pretty pictures, some of which i had to combine multiple frames for :)
Our music video projects will also resume shortly, but we might end up having to put them on if there is no other decent source for server space.


May 12, 2001
Products Update

Newer products are added, including sunglasses, keychains, and a really cool looking Monev the Gale figure.
17 more days until the last dvd is released!


April 22, 2001
Website Updates

We have recently acquired an actual domain name.  Soon The Vash Legacy will relocate to the slightly more convenient location of We hope to see just as many visitors (hopefully more).  And as always, thanks much to for the gracious web space and hosting. 


April 19, 2001
Products Update

I have added more to the list of Trigun merchandise, particularly a bunch of models. I'm not sure what's with the whole "Black Vash" thing, but they are limited edition, and they look pretty cool anyway. I have more stuff to put on the products page, but i'll get around to adding that later.


April 16, 2001
Music Video Project

Bigdaddy and I are working on a couple of trigun music videos, which we will release in the downloads section as we complete them. Most of these probably won't be finished until the final dvd comes out. Our first video, based on the angel arm, is in need of more clips, so we have to hold that off till June.


April 13, 2001
Biographies Update

Ok i finally got around to updating the biography sections with characters from the newest dvd. I know I still don't have Knives in, but there aren't a lot of good scenes of him as an adult yet. Soon i'll also have a trigun music video up in the downloads section, maybe even today.


April 9, 2001
Legacy Appears on Anipike

After a long time of submitting requests, we have finally made it into Anipike! Now i predict the number of visits to go up about 10 times as much as before, so there will mean that I might work on the site more often. If only there was more to Trigun than just the 26 episodes....sigh...


March 29, 2001
Volume 7 Released

Volume 7 has recently been released for episodes 20-22. Lots of Gung-Ho-Gun action for those of you who felt deprived from the previous volume. I will update the Biography section once I get my own copy.


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