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Episode 26 - Under the Sky So Blue

Vash and Knives meet at a geoplant near Dimitri, where after their meeting, and about 10 minutes of flashbacks, the fight begins. Both fighters seem equally matched in skill and strategy, but only one of the brothers can become the victor.
Here are several images i captured from the new dvd. Obviously, these are some major spoilers, so proceed with caution. (Click the images to get a bigger picture)

When both Vash and Knives pick their magnums off the floor and raise it at each other's heads, they simultaneously grab the barrel of the other person's gun...
They both pull the bullet ejection switch on each other's magnum, and as the bullets fly into the air, they each snatch one and quickly reload their guns, then they once again point at each other's heads, but this time their left hands grab on to each other instead of the barrels.

Vash and Knives pull the trigger at the same time. :click: :click: Neither of them hits the bullet. They try again. :click: :click: Both gunfighters are hesitating as the odds for finding the chamber where the bullet is has just increased twice.
:click: :BANG: Knives's gun fires into Vash's shoulder, sending him backwards.

As Vash is holding his left hand over his shoulder, Knives triggers the angel arm with his black magnum, creating the complete angel arm, which in its final stage is much larger than the one Vash used to destroy July and Augusta. He charges up and fires a large ball of white energy which surrounds the battlefield.
Suddenly the white sphere becomes black, then soon disappears as Vash is standing with a complete angel arm of his own. He just canceled out Knives's blast with his. They both stand with their angel arms pointing at each other, and charge up for another shot.
Knives fires a white blast with his black angel arm...
...and Vash fires a black blast with his silver angel arm.
The two blasts merge together, creating a "yinyang" effect, which once again cancels out with each other. Both gunfighters' arms return to normal as they stand there, exhausted. Vash fires his magnum again. :click: Still hasn't reached the bullet.

Knives takes this opportunity to reload his magnum, and fires at Vash several times, and he falls to the floor. Vash lifts up his magnum and pulls the trigger :click: For the fifth time, the bullet has not been found. There is now one more shaft remaining for the bullet to be in, but Knives takes the gun from Vash, and prepares to fire two angel arms.

Vash uncovers Wolfwood's crucifix from beneath the sand, and fires it at Knives as he is charging up the two angel arms. His arms revert back to normal, and the silver magnum flies into the air. Vash grabs it and has one more attempt to fire at Knives...
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