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Dankin Town
Dankin was the first town mentioned in the series, when rumors were spread that Vash the Stampede showed up and killed everyone. The truth, however, was that although the city was destroyed, nobody was killed, and all the damage was actually caused by bounty hunters who were after the $$60,000,000,000 reward.
The bounty hunters chased Vash all the way to Felnarl, where a battle took place on a tall cliff to the east of town. The end result: Loose Ruth's explosives set off a landslide which destroyed the town. Once again nobody was killed, but Vash still takes the blame.
Lewiston Town
This is the nearby town where Milly and Meryl stayed for a short time after the landslide incident. Villagers were already spreading rumors of Vash destroying Felnarl.
Inepril City
Inepril City
Half of Inepril lies buried in sand, since the plants started to malfunction. If the city doesnt get the money to repair the plants, then the whole place will lie in ruins.
Inepril Marketplace
Many of the villagers await the arrival of the Sandsteamer, to sell their goods to the tourists. This is also where the Marius Bresken Kantacle Technical Industrial Union team arrives to fix the plant.
Inepril Plant
The plant holds many secrets of the lost technology, but it appears Vash has the key to this knowledge when he stands on top of the base shown here and somehow stops the plant from exploding.
July City
July was known as "The 3rd City" before it was destroyed 23 years ago. This is where Count Revnunt Buskus lived. It is also where Vash lost his left arm, and fired the angel arm for the first time. Ever since the incident, Vash has roamed about as a wanted criminal.
Canyon Region
The Sandsteamer was the finest creation of Kaito's father. It's known for its speed, durability, and safety. To protect the steamer from robbers, it is loaded with gun turrets and armored vehicles that travel close behind.
Lottenburg Canyon
This is the hiding place for the Badlad Gang. It also happens to be where the Sandsteamer passes through on its trip to May City.
Enora Precipice
A large pit deep inside the canyon. It is where BDN plans to send the steamer through, so it will smash into multiple fragments, allowing them to access the riches inside the center vault.
Underground Ship
One of the Project Seeds ships that has buried under the surface over time. The production line for defense robots is still operational, and roam around the area, attacking anyone who passes by. This is near where Wolfwood joins the group.
May (Mei) City
May City
May is a relatively successful town, and nothing special happens here. Many people visit May City, especially during the annual quickdraw tournaments.
May Annual Quickdraw Tournament
On the first day of April, the 3rd annual quickdraw tournament is held. Gunfighters from all around compete in hopes of winning the grand prize of $$50,000.
Flying Ship
The only Project Seeds ship that hasn't crashed onto the surface. It is home to many who still have the knowledge of the lost technology. The residents hold a strong disliking towards the ones who live on the surface, as they are known for corruption and murder. Vash is the only one whom they trust.
A part of the Project Seeds ships where Knives constructs the silver and black magnums. Could possibly be a base for the Gung-Ho-Guns later on.
bsite and graphics made exlusively for The Vash Legacy - 2001