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The Heroes
Vash the Stampede
Also known as The Humanoid Typhoon and the $$60 Billion Man, Vash is a legendary gunman with a mysterious past. Following his belief of love and peace, Vash always avoids killing his enemies. But it's not easy when trouble follows you wherever you go.
Nicholas D. Wolfwood
Wolfwood may be a priest, but his shooting skills are actually quite comparable to that of Vash's. Wolfwood hates using firearms, as he also tries to avoid killing others. He always looks out for the children, and carries a giant cross for "special occasions."
The Good Guys
Meryl Stryfe
Meryl was sent by the Bernardelli Insurance Society to follow Vash and prevent him from causing damage to the cities. She has trouble believing that such an irresponsible moron could possibly be the Humanoid Typhoon.
Milly Thompson
She is Meryl's partner in their mission to monitor Vash's actions. Although she may not be the brightest of the group, Milly can always be counted on when the situation calls for help.
Rem Saverem
Rem took care of Vash and Knives when they were just children. She is also the source of Vash's love and peace beliefs. Rem is just one of the many mysteries hidden within the Trigun series.
Frank Marlin
Frank is a blacksmith who specializes in guns. He taught his whole town how to defend themselves against the robbers, and was at one point a local hero, until his life fell apart.
This young boy is more than what he seems. After the death of his family, Kaito's life was easily misguided to the benefit of the Badlad gang. His knowledge of the Sand Steamer makes him a valuable ally of Brilliant Dynamites Neon.
Brad is a well respected member of the flying ship. Just like the other passengers, he doesn't trust outsiders. Brad is a good gun-fighter, but he tends to let his anger get the best of him.
The one whom Brad is in love with happens to like Vash, which is one of the reasons why Brad tends to be bitter. Even when she was a little girl, Jessica had a crush on Vash.
The Bad Guys
Loose Ruth
The bounty hunter known as Constance Rifle happens to be one of the many who seek out the reward for Vash's capture. Ruth follows the town rumors to seek out his target, whether they are true or not.
Professor Nebraska
The professor is the brains behind the Nebraska family, which consists of himself and his "son" Gofsef. They are deadly outlaws whom few dare to confront. There is a $$700,000 reward for their recapture.
Gofsef Nebraska
Gofsef may not be able to do a whole lot on his own, but what he can do makes up more than his share of the family duties. Standing at about 35 feet tall and equipped with a massive projectile fist, Gofsef is virtually unstoppable.
Patricia Nebraska
Bearing a clear resemblance to Gofsef, Patricia is the mother of Gofsef, Marilyn, Tonkichi, Chinpei and Kanta. Her main fighting technique is throwing her three sons, which can surprisingly cause large explosions without even hurting her children.
Marilyn Nebraska
How she became part of the family isn't explained, but she is the daughter of Patricia Nebraska. Marilyn acts as the leader of her group, and stands on Patricia's shoulders to scope out their target.
Tonkichi, Chinpei, and Kanta Nebraska
They appear to be at least partially mechanical, and all three of them look exactly alike from each other. The only way they attack is by forming into spheres and be thrown by Patricia, causing explosions on impact.
The Badlad Gang
These villians are notorious within the canyon regions, and are known to ambush passing vehicles. They are well trained in hijacking and looting, and they are characterized by their strange masks and neon outfits.
Brilliant Dynamites Neon
B.D.N. is the leader of the Badlads. He is very skillful with weapons, particularly his neon pistol and Dynamo guns on his shoulders. He always goes for the flashy and high style approach for everything.
The Main Villains
Millions Knives
Little is known about this mysterious brother of Vash, and what is known is vague.  Knives is a maniacal antagonist who is insistent on  killing off the spider (humanity) to save the butterfly (he and Vash). 
Legato Bluesummers
Legato seeks to destroy all of mankind after the downfall of Vash. He appears shrewd and peaceful, but Legato's skills are targeted at his victims' minds. Legato can communicate telepathically, and can control the bodies of his enemies. He is Knives's obedient servant.
The Gung-Ho-Guns
Monev the Gale
Sent by Legato, his mission is to destroy Vash the Stampede. After 20 years of confinement, Monev will seek his freedom and mercilessly execute the task using brute force and intense firepower.
Dominique the Cyclops
Dominique is the 2nd Gung-Ho-Gun. Beneath her patch is the demon eye, which allows her to move beyond the detection of human senses, giving the illusion of super speed.
Hoppered the Gauntlet
Perhaps the most unusual of the Gung-Ho-Guns, Hoppered the Gauntlet is the 3rd member of the team. He modified his body to the point that he no longer appears human, but he is able to fly through the air like a top and fire out of his indestructible Götterer.
Zazie the Beast
Under the alias Bete, nobody knew that this child was the 4th Gung-Ho-Gun. He seems to have conflicting feelings between good and bad, although he claims to be in complete control. Speaking of which, he has a device which allows him to control sandworms.
Mine the E. G. Mine
The 5th Gung-Ho-Gun uses a spherical spike shield as his main weapon. With his fingers wired to the inside of the shell, he can launch each individual spike with great accuracy.
Leonof the Puppetmaster
The Puppetmaster commands his creations using a small red orb between his hands. His puppets appear so life-like, that its hard to tell between the real and the fake. He can also talk through them, and make them collapse into small pieces.
Gray the Ninelives
The secret to the man with the nine lives is that he is actually a near indestructible machine. Gray is fully loaded with bullets and rockets, which he fires from various parts of his body.
Caine the Longshot
Caine is an expert sniper who can hit his target from across town. He carries an extremely long rifle and wears a cape that conceals him within his surroundings. There is no safe place to hide when Caine is on duty.
Rai-Dei the Blade
Rai-Dei, the 9th Gung-Ho-Gun, is a master of japanese sword-fighting. He thirsts for a good fight, and hopes to find it through Vash. Rai-Dei is devoted to finding the spiritual awareness that can only be discovered on the virge of death.
Chapel the Evergreen

Like Wolfwood, Chapel carries a crucifix which can transform into a powerful weapon. He was the one who personally trained Wolfwood and has come back to see his pupil's progress.

Midvalley the Hornfreak
The 11th of the Gung-Ho-Guns acts as Legato's right-hand man. His saxaphone (which he named Sylvia) is capable of sending powerful sound waves that can even cumble walls and deflect bullets.
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